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Sit. Down.

Beautiful bride. Beautiful wedding. Beautiful Mercedes Convertible. And then the driver guns it...with the bride and groom sitting on the back (some **NSFW language around the 1 minute mark**) HANA & NOLAND 07012017 Thanks God they are OK, I called them this morning and the newlyweds were on their way to Honeymoon.

WCSX Classic Cuts : The Logical Song

WCSX Classic Cuts Supertramp: "The Logical Song" The Hook: Rick Davies says he encouraged Roger Hodgson to take an idea he was playing with in soundcheck to its logical extreme. Year: 1979 Album: Breakfast in America Writers: Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson Stats: Peaked at number-six on the Billboard Hot 100. Background: Like Lennon and…

5 Awesome Slash Cameos

Slash celebrates his 52nd birthday today (July 23), and out of all of the incredibly cool moments in his career (and there is A LOT of them), some of Slash's best moments come from him performing with other artists.

WCSX Classic Cuts : I'll Wait

WCSX Classic Cuts Van Halen: "I'll Wait" The Hook: David Lee Roth says the lyrics were inspired by a Calvin Klein model. Album: 1984 Year: 1984 Writers: Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony, David Lee Roth and Michael McDonald Stats: Peaked at number-13 on the Billboard Hot 100 Background: "I'll Wait" was the…