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POLL: Best Malcolm Young Riff

Angus Young may have received a bunch of attention as lead guitar on his on-stage antics, but make no mistake that a big part of AC/DC's sound is thanks to Malcolm Young's chugging, powerful rhythm guitar.

November 18, 1991: U2 Release 'Achtung Baby'

After the monumental success of The Joshua Tree and its subsequent tour, there was definitely a sense of “Now what?” with U2.  The band, perhaps, didn’t know themselves, which made sense why Bono said at a show in Dublin on December 30th, 1989 that, “We just have to go away and dream it all up again.”

WCSX Classic Cuts : American Woman

WCSX Classic Cuts The Guess Who: "American Woman" The Hook: It wasn't about just any American woman, it was about the Statue of Liberty. Year: 1970 Album: American Woman Writers: Burton Cummings, Jim Kale, Garry Peterson and Randy Bachman Stats: Topped the Billboard Hot 100. Background: Former Guess Who guitarist Randy Bachman says that "American…

Christmas Ideas for Music Fans

If you're looking to do a little early Christmas shopping for the music fan in your life, this weekend is a good time to start as quite a few artists are releasing albums and DVDs today (Friday). Including: Bob Seger - I Knew You When Queen - 40th anniversary of News of the World Moody…