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A Sinkhole Swallowed Five People in China

A ten-foot-deep sinkhole opened up on a sidewalk in China, and swallowed five people. Four of them suffered minor injuries, but they all survived.   Sinkhole opens up in sidewalk in China, swallows 5 people A sinkhole in a northeastern Chinese city swallowed five people in a dramatic scene that was captured on security video…

Your "Tuesday Top Ten At 10" from 1978 for August 23, 2016

1. Come Together-Aerosmith 2. Life's Been Good-Joe Walsh 3. Miss You-The Rolling Stones 4. Wheel In The Sky-Journey 5. Just What I Needed-The Cars 6. Come Sail Away-Styx 7. Runnin' With The Devil-Van Halen 8. Hollywood Nights-Bob Seger 9. Time For Me To Fly-REO Speedwagon 10. Double Vision-Foreigner

Ep. 25 - NASCAR and Hellcats

Michigan International Speedway is one of the best tracks going in NASCAR. Fast, aggressive driving with plenty of strategy involved. Caught up with track president Roger Curtis before the Pure Michigan 400 to talk racing (click here for more info)....THEN we take you Woodward Avenue for a couple of events with Dodge - talking shop…
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