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WCSX Classic Cuts : Heat of the Moment

WCSX Classic Cuts Asia: "Heat of the Moment" The Hook: It introduced Asia to the world with the level of aplomb befitting a supergroup. Album: Asia Year: 1982 Writers: John Wetton and Geoff Downes Stats: Peaked at number-four on Billboard's Hot 100 and topped their Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for six weeks. The Background: Steve…

WCSX Classic Cuts : Hurts So Good

WCSX Classic Cuts John Mellencamp: "Hurts So Good" The Hook: It came out of Mellencamp's late night bar band experiences. Year: 1982 Album: American Fool Writers: John Mellencamp and George Green Stats: Topped Billboard's Hot Tracks mainstream rock chart and peaked at number two on the Hot 100. Background: Although it never quite reached number-one,…

REVIEW: ‘Band Aid’

Three chords and a lot of truth about communication and conflict within the wonder that is marriage are packed in the delightful film Band Aid.