Initial notes from first day driving the 2013 Challenger SRT8:

  • fast
  • faster
  • Holy ** this thing is fast

I’ve never owned a true muscle car -- helped build a bunch of them (Stone Soup Project) and been around plenty of people who owned amazing cars. But never had one of my own. After driving the Challenger SRT8 for a week...I get it.

Everywhere I went, people asked me about the car and stopped to compliment the look/stance/styling...just look at it.

2013 ChallengerSRT8

Under the hood - 392 Hemi V-8, generating 470hp and a ton of torque (rated at 470 pound-feet...but felt like more). And the rumble when the Hemi comes to life - it’s sexy.

Driving the Challenger SRT8 is fun, but challenging (Challenger-ing?) - if you’re not used to cruising in a car with this kind of instant power, it can get you in trouble. However, the same power makes driving more fun than I’ve had in years...and I have no idea how those burn marks got on my street (turning traction control off on this car should be followed by big letters saying “ARE YOU SURE”?)

enter image description here

How will this car handle in the rain and snow? honestly - not wanted to step out on me a couple of times while pulling a Michigan left in the rain, but again - part of that is getting used to driving a four wheeled missile.

This car is fun. Head turning, tire burning, adrenaline churning fun. The Challenger SRT8 is for people who believe that a car is more than just a way to get from point “A” to point “B”.

Technically, the Challenger SRT8 is well equipped with a great nav system and the Harman Kardon surround sound is strong (why no HD radio, Chrysler?). And the interior...again, just look at it.

I will say that this car has a roomy back seat like I have a chance of playing with the Pistons (okay, bad analogy - but you get the point). But I look at it this way - the back seat is for that guy in the office who’s irritating the crap out of you. Because believe me, this WILL be the car everyone wants a ride in.

Dear Chrysler - I get it. The 2013 Challenger SRT8 is a true muscle car of the 21st century. Performance and raw power with the technology to match. I put on Journey’s “Escape” and cranked it up - got on 75 heading north and blew by Auburn Hills at a reasonable speed (your honor). And what did I want to do? Keep on driving - roll the window down, open the sunroof and get after it - that’s what owning a muscle car means. I get it. This is what we do in Detroit. This is the Motor City. This car says “it’s my road, you’re just in my way”. I get it.