Tony Stewart will likely miss the rest of NASCAR season after breaking two bones in his right leg at an Iowa track Monday night - racing SPRINT CARS, not SPRINT CUP. Time to grow up, Tony.

Here are some of the twitter comments from fellow drivers:

Ryan Newman (@RyanNewman39): Can't blame a guy for doing what he loves. Hoping my buddy Tony has a fast recovery.

Elliott Sadler (@Elliott_Sadler): Wishing Tony a quick recovery...I hope people don't 2nd guess him.That dude is a racer. Period.His support of Sprint car racing is unmatched.

Kenny Wallace (@Kenny_Wallace): We CANNOT go through life saying "If I do this OR that I might get hurt" GET WELL #TonyStewart

We all wish Tony well, and selfishly he's a HUGE draw to NASCAR. But he's not just a driver anymore during a Monday night main. Tony Stewart is a three time Sprint Cup Champion and team owner who directly impacts a lot of people. Not making the Chase costs him money, sponsors lose money and exposure (if you were Mobil or Old Spice, would you be pissed right now...I would), and it impacts the members of his team -- who probably get a nice bonus.

If Matthew Stafford broke his arm playing a pickup game, how would you feel?

If Justin Verlander hurt his arm throwing a wiffle ball, you'd be angry.

So why does Tony Stewart get a free pass from NASCAR? Grow up Smoke. Nobody held a gun to your head and made you an owner. Time to start acting like one. (Jim O'Brien)