Hello. My name is Jim. I'm 6'5" and I like to sit upright in a car. I know, crazy concept - right? So we'll start there when talking about the Ford C-Max. To quote tiny Elvis "This thing is huge". For a small car that focuses on mileage, the amount of headroom, legroom and storage was startling...in a good way. Comfortable seating for four adults (some small car backseats would give the Smurfs issues, not the C-Max). I know what your thinking now. That's great, but what about the mileage? It's a hybrid and I want great mileage. You can't really get 47mpg with a C-Max, right? You're right - I got 50mpg. But I had to work at it. I didn't start drafting off semis and planning routes based on prevailing winds, but to get the most out of a hybrid you have to think differently.

Braking is a change in mindset - but the C-Max will teach you how to recapture energy (without being so distracting that you stare at the meter and not the road). Acceleration is fine in the C-Max, and you'll soon figure out how much you can push it while keeping a good balance between the battery and gas power.

There's a perception that driving a hybrid means you're limited. That's the furthest thing from the truth and the Ford C-Max changed my mind. I could see myself using it as a daily driver to work (30 miles one way). No problem getting groceries, taking the kids to school, and doing everything that I do with a "regular car" - just better gas mileage.

Oh wait. I'm supposed to say something cynical about the Ford Sync system. I can't. Sorry. Phone connected, radio worked nicely, no problem with navigation system.

As the automotive industry evolves - so does the automotive buyer. We're all at different places in our life, and that's one of the things I really like about the C-Max. It makes sense for a lot of people.

When looking for a new car or truck, I always tell people to write down what they want out of it (mileage, room, comfort, price, etc.) Then rank them. That's the tough part. But for the first time in years I can honestly say that Detroit has something for every segment of buyer, and the Ford C-Max is an example of what we can do in the hybrid category. (review by Jim O'Brien - [email protected])