The conversation this morning (Monday) is all about mispronounced words -- for example:

  1. "Mischievous." You might be saying "miss-CHEEV-ee-us." But it's supposed to be "MISS-chiv-us."

  2. "Chipotle." A lot of people think it's "chi-POL-tay." But it should be "chi-POAT-lay."

  3. "Often." It rhymes with "soften." Don't say "OFF-ten."

  4. "Sherbet." Not "SHER-bert" . . . "SHER-bet."

  5. "Candidate." You might be used to hearing "CAN-a-dit." But it's actually "CAN-di-dit."

  6. "Banal." If you use this word at all, you're probably saying "BAY-nul." But it's "buh-NAHL."

  7. "Prerogative." Don't say it like Bobby Brown. Don't do ANYTHING like Bobby Brown. The word is "preh-ROGG-uh-tiv."

  8. "Seuss." As in, Dr. Seuss." Everyone says "SOOSE," but it's supposed to be "SOICE." Even the Doctor himself gave up and started accepting the wrong way.

  9. "Bruschetta." Almost everyone says "bruh-SHETT-uh." But you should be saying "broo-SKETT-uh."

  10. "GIF." Don't say "JIFF." It's "GIFF," with a hard "G."