Meet Hero. This dog was plucked from an Iraq war zone by paratrooper Justin Rollins and later delivered to the parents of the fallen soldier. There was a fire at their house in N.H. this week, and firefighters rescued the dog.

In the last phone call Justin Rollins made from Iraq to his girlfriend Brittney Murray before being killed in battle in March 2007, Rollins said he had some great pictures that he could not wait to show her.

Murray received a batch of photos by email the next day of her boyfriend playing with tiny puppies that Iraqi police had found living under a portable latrine.

When Army brass asked if there was anything they could do to help the family following his death in a roadside blast, Rollins' parents requested one of the puppies their son had played with the night before he died.

Skip and Rhonda Rollins named the puppy Hero in honor of their son.