Motorboating for charity?

Normally, if a man were to walk up to a woman on the street and ask to motorboat her breasts, it wouldn’t end well. But the guys at Simple Pickup, a trio of YouTubers who have “elevated the art of seduction into a science,” have figured out the perfect, non-offensive excuse to smush their faces in strangers’ boobies: breast cancer.

In this clever clip, the boys vow to donate $20 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every woman who lets them motorboat her.

The boys motorboated 104 women, raising $2,080 for charity, by the end of the day. Simple Pickup also promise to donate an additional $100 for every 100,000 people who view their video.

Best quote in the clip: “That was a lot more than a motorboat! That looked like a f—ing yacht to me!”