Talking about great Halloween displays in the Motor City -- TONS of calls about Tillson Street in Romeo. It's even got it's own video!

Other recommendations:

The house is on Lochmoor in Harper Woods between Canton & Helen (East of I-94). The "Lochmoor Street Cemetery" has been up every Halloween since 2007. Boasting homemade tombstones, eerie entranceway, ghosts, skeletons, fog, strobe light, spiders, etc.

Killington Lane Yard Haunt is located in Bloomfield Hills on Kensington Lane which is just off Kensington Road. It is two blocks North of Big Beaver.

Southgate on Monterey St south of Eureka. My neighbors are very excited to see what the new theme will be, and lots of kids like to get their pictures taken in the yard on Halloween.