1) Look!! Up in the sky!! The phenom called the Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights should be visible this evening and tomorrow-weather permitting. A solar flare blew off the surface of the sun on Tuesday and NASA scientists say it's a doozie of a sun loogie so you might have trouble with GPS and radio signals might be interfered with.

2) Following the Polar Vortex snow blast? A massive MELTDOWN! Which could cause flooding. So we're switching our fashion accessory to waders!

3) Dennis Rodman owes the IRS $174K in federal taxes. The worm may wanna stay in North Korea. He dressed up in matching North Korean military uniform as he sat next to his best best best friend Kim Jong Ill. How's that gonna end?

4) 58% of America still owns a VCR. You know you're a Flinstone when your technology is in the Henry Ford Museum.

5) Death by Atomic Wedgie. It's true, in Oklahoma a guy killed his stepfather bv yanking his underwear up and over his head and asphyxiating him with the waistband.