1) Don't drive in Detroit with your weed carrying buddy riding shotgun, empty liquor bottles rolling around in your mess of a backseat and nearly run down a Detroit Police on your way to wherever you're going on a Tuesday night when you should be at work the next day.Advice to newbie city council president pro-tem George Cushinberry who as Ned Flanders would say was straining to do some explaining after police had to stop him TWICE. George claims the weed wasn't his, the booze bottles clinking around were empties and the Detroit Police's white officers should've known he wasn't anyone to fear because he was waving his official Detroit City Council Badge!!!

2) While they don't seem to be working very hard on behalf of average workforce americans, Congress had a great year in their bank accounts. More than half are millionaires, and they get FREE health care.

3) Lake Michigan has balls!! Ice balls! Scientists say it's what happens when the mega crags of ice break apart now that it's warming up and are churned and shaped into perfectly round beach ball-sized formations.

4) The mugshot was without his trademark, but Flava Flav was 'clocked' going 79 in a 55 mph zone on Long Island on his way to his mother's funeral earlier this week. Flav, who had the best chicken restaurant in the area in Detroit, was booked for driving on a restricted license (16x) and a small amount of weed.

5) And ....Coors worked as well as water when hosing down a fire in Texas Monday. An off duty firefighter sees the Coors truck spouting flames in the Houston area. The brake fire was spreading, so the quick thinking firefighter crawled under the truck and stopped the fire temporarily. When it broke out again, he started opening cans from the back of the truck extinguisher style.. and it worked!! Reporting this to his superiors Captain Craig Moreau says without the beer extinguishers the entire truck would've been consumed entirely!!