5 Things You Should Know

1) In the category of things that probably should've been studied years ago???

Researchers have discovered that something about diet soda makes drinkers blow a higher BAC than drinkers who mix with the regular sugary soda. In fact, alarmingly, diet soda amplifies your blood alcohol by as much as 18%!!! The bitter pill is diet soda doesn't necessarily make you feel any drunker, just gets you in bigger trouble if you're pulled over. BTW: Lotta designated driver services to get you home safely. Try one.

2) Google goggles are one thing, but a contact lens? And it tells you if you're sick? Google trying to get INSIDE of us now by developing the special lens that measures glucose levels in diabetic patients. The lens is like a soft contact lens except for the tiny glitter particle sized computer chips and an antenna thinner than human hair to check your vitals once every two seconds!!

3) Japan has invented a giant net which they say they'll blast into space into the path of most of the space junk whirling around in orbit and catch it. Once the net maxes out, it then drops out of orbit where it then burns up in the Earth's atmosphere. We expect this interstellar trash picking device to be deployed by 2014.

4) Half the people in the US believe that God plays a significant role in the Super Bowl. Half of THOSE people have prayed to God to help their team. We all know that if God plays in any game... it's the Puppy Bowl with the kitten half time.

5) Careful whose phone you steal these days, cause most smartphones have built-in theft protections like the Samsung Galaxy S3 ripped off from Victoria Brodsky's purse at a Brooklyn, NY street festival. Victoria had an ap that uploaded all her photos and videos to her computer and it wasn't more than a week before strange porn selfies started popping up shot on the stolen phone. Victoria turned the amatuer sex tapes over to the police with little hope that she'll get her Galaxy back, but did comment that the porn was 'boring".