Let's Play Doctor

I've had enough winter for one winter already and it's not even close to being done. The extreme cold and above average snow fall is becoming very tedious. I rush from the warm house to the warm car...spend 2 hours driving in snow...then rush from the warm car across the frozen parking lot into the warmth of work. A few hours later...do it in reverse order. ENOUGH ALREADY!...I GIVE UP.

Keeping myself entertained while stuck inside has been interesting. My kids got me watching "Duck Dynasty" which I avoided for 3 years. I came across another reality show called "Hollywood Hillbillies" which is kind of the opposite of Duck Dynasty. Taking the redneck out of the country and putting em in the city.
I now have Netflix online and have watched every Ken Burns documentary made.
I've played enough WII and PS3 to make my hands cramp up. Hurry Spring Hurry!
What's making you crazy these days?