5 Things You Should Know For Friday

1) You definitely wanna know about the exploding toilets. Made by a company in New Hudson, there's a recall by the manufacturer because the pressure and the water can build up and cause the toilet to shatter in every direction. A man in Brooklyn was the victim of an exploding toilet, getting a face full of toilet water and toilet bowl wounds from head to toe and says he still has nightmares about the toilet bomb.

2) Bob Bashsara, on trial soon for the murder of his wife Jane two years ago, entered the court yesterday on the second anniversary of her death, asking everyone not to forget what a 'wonderful gal' his wife was.

3) The opera singer who can carry a tune out of both ends! Two years ago a hospital in Kentucky performed an episiotomy during childbirth and since then Amy Herbst says she can't stop the flatulence. Instead of being happy she can perform tenor from her lips and baritone down there, she's suing the hospital for botching the job.

4) The 10 best jobs according to US News and World Report: dental hygienist, web developer, doctor, physical therapist, registered nurse, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, dentist, computer systems analyst, and the best job of all--software developer.

5) Keep calm and carry on! A renegade Russian shipping vessel that drifted off from it's moorings last year is on a collision course with the UK with it's population of disease infested cannibal rats.