1)The Detroit Auto Show a big success this year with 803 K visitors despite how frickin' polar vortexed we were.

2) It could make you--Schlitterbahn! The world's tallest waterslide called the Schlitterbahn opening at a waterpark in Kansas City this Summer. When was the last time you went 65MPH on your butt!!

3) The last two members of the Beatles reunited at the Grammy's last night. Paul and Ringo performing together. Receiving a lifetime achievement award, though Alicia Keys is red in the face over calling John Lennon John Legend accidentally.

4) Aussie firefighters rushing to a hotel in response to a fire alarm only to discover it was just Snoop Dog prepping for a show. Snoop posed for a photo with the fire fighters all with big smiles on their faces.

5) The Japanese have been on an tear creating consumer products that respond to phone aps. The latest is the True Love Test Bra. Supposedly a sensor can tell when the heart beats just the right tempo for lovvvvvveee and then and only then will it let the girls out.
Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!