1) Michigan: We make the cars and show the rest of the country how to drive em. Picture from above Atlanta, which was shut down after 2 INCHES of snow, looked like the opening of The Walking Dead. They were so helpless they slept in the supermarket aisles.
enter image description here

2) A scientific fact: Women are attracted to men in pick-up trucks. The least attractive eye candy? Men driving hybrids, electrics, UPS trucks, minivans and mail trucks.

3) Heroin and Happy Meal? Doesn't seem like it goes together for Shania Dennis in Pittsburg. Ex- Mc D's worker whose code for the heroin Happy Meal at the drive-up window was, "I'd like to order a toy?" She's busted, so now just toys in the Happy Meal.

4)Christie Brinkley, 60 and still truly stunning in a bathing suit on the front of People Magazine. She says she would've worn a bikini, but her kids were horrified so she opted for the one piece.

5) In case your thinking of a June wedding with Cousin Bubba? It's legal to marry your first cousin in 19 states. MICHIGAN is not one of them. Sweet Home Alabama ...is. Surprisingly, Ohio..isn't. JK