1) The heroism in the storm, A neurosurgeon who walked 6 miles from an Alabama snow traffic snarl to perform life saving brain surgery. Proving that overcoming two feet of snow and bad drivers ain't brain surgery.

2) Plan your vacation, but beware of cruise ships. Two more limp into port with puking passengers. Hard to look like a Caribbean Princess when you've been running out of both ends for 7 days.

3) Rob Ford supports Justin Bieber. The Toronto Mayor about Justin's streak of lawbreaking? He's 19. What were YOU doing when you were 19?

4) George Zimmerman agrees to celebrity boxing. He claims he'll fight anyone. Ripped Rapper The Game was the first to jump in line.

enter image description here

5) A multi-millionaire in the UK claims he doesn't understand why his ex-wife is mad that he moved a woman in her 20's into the mansion and requested the former ball-n-chain stay on as the maid.