1) Besides Washington State, Colorado, and New Jersey for obvious reasons getting props in the Super Bowl, the only other state to dominate the broadcast? Michigan! Dylan walking the streets of Detroit for the Chrysler, James Franco for Ford, the movie trailer for the Michigan-made movie Need For Speed with Aaron Paul. And two of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are Michigan made.

2) Don't sit if your I-Phone is in your back pocket. Teenage girl in Maine learned that the hard way after a battery fire toasted her buns when she shattered it by sitting on her phone.

3) Columbus, Ohio man proves you can go out in any style and any position you want. A former rodeo rider's casket was clear lucite and plywood within which he sat astride his '67 Electra Glide Harley. Rev In Peace brother!!

enter image description here

4) Tyler Gedalian was working at the Goodwill Store in Monroe when he spotted an envelope in a batch of incoming clothes. In it? $43K. He turned it over to the police who tracked it back to a family cleaning out a relatives things. Good guy Tyler told us that keeping it would be one option, just not one for him.

5) See what Winter did to Kenny Martin, the shorts-wearing mail carrier of Walled Lake? Forced him to finally wear pants after 10 years of no pants on the job. Martin has a life long hatred of pants because, ".. they pinch and fall down."