1) The Olympics dogged by unfinished hotels with skanky brown tap water, packs of roaming dogs and hackers infiltrating every electronic device that enters Russia within minutes. Oh, and Toothpaste Bombs! It's a thing.
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2) Actor and Detroiter Tom Sizemore immediately on damage control after Radaronline releases audio of him BS'ing a reporter in '98 that then President Bill Clinton forced him to surrender Elizabeth Hurley's phone number. Then flew her to DC and bedded her in the suite next to Hillary.

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3)Clay Aikin is suspending his music career to run for office in North Carolina. Music career?

4) Billy The Big Mouth Bass, one of those motion sensor activated joke gifts of the 90's saved a fishing store in Rochester, Minnesota from being burglarized. The creeper sneaking in through a window in the fishing store knocked Billy to the floor and when the fish started singing thought someone was there and BOLTED!

5)Half of all US Adults sext. Surprisingly, 1 out of 10 have sexted a total stranger.