1)Huge water main break in the city fused a car to the street at Gratiot and Connor. One man's car was frozen in ice up to his windows and wouldn't leave his car because he was afraid.

2)The Michigan Supreme Court denying the town of Wyoming, Michigan the right to circumvent the state's Medical Marijuana Law. Supreme decision? The voters made it the law, and you can't break the law.

3)Walking Dead returns from it's mid-season hiatus Sunday!
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4)This weekend is the Cannibus Cup in LA. This year marijuana can be consumed at the event if the user has a card. Judging of different grades of weed and new accessories including new bongs and pipes.

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5)Florida is trying to pass what they call the Pop Tart bill which would prevent prosecution of public school students simulating weapons with harmless objects like fingers, pop tarts or legos.