Last Wednesday a driver spun out on 696 at Hoover (trying to get to the off-ramp)...she got a $90 ticket from MSP. If your car spins out and gets stuck in the snow and police show up, you could be cited for "Violating Basic Speed Law/Too Fast." That citation carries a $90 fine and two driving points on your license.

Michigan State Police say spinning out alone is enough to determine a person was driving too fast, since other vehicles are typically able to drive past the spot without incident.

"People sometimes believe the fact that once it snows on the ground, I'm no longer responsible for anything that happens in my car or what my car does. And that is not correct. You are responsible for you vehicle," says Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw.

This is not just a Michigan State Police law. any law officer in the state of Michigan is capable of writing you a ticket for spinning out.

Do you agree with the law?

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