1) Potholes and water main breaks causing more road rage than any bad driving these days. You checked in about how whoever's in charge of the roads have clearly checked out.

2) The FDA needs to get out of the way of the pill to enhance women's sexual desire. Sprout Pharmaceudical has been testing their product for 15 years but say it needs more testing.

3) Funniest names of the Winter Olympics? Macarena Simari Birkner an Argentinian Alpine Skier, Lucia Anger from Germany and her cross-country furious counterpart Tobias Angerer, Sweden's little hockey cutie Jenni Asserholt, and last but not least Seraina Boner from Switzerland.

4) The Bieber wax figure at Madame Tussaud's in New York removed to the basement because he was being grobed, fondled and fingered by too many excited fans.

5) And then there's the vending machine in Vancouver, Canada where you buy fresh crack pipes. Controversial, but cheery! They're polka dotted to provide a "..sense of respect and dignity to the user who is pretty much hated everywhere else in the city."