1) Ignition switches went flooey on two models from GM, the Pontiac G5 and the Chevy Cobalt. They're recalling them and there's a warning to remove everything on your key chain as a precaution.

2) Happy GM announcement of the day? The General is gonna do whatever it can to repair those 8 priceless Corvettes eaten by the sinkhole under the showroom at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky.

3) Valentine's day shocking statistic: 36% of Mom's have not had sex in a couple years. Valentine's day advice? The kissing pillow. Invented by a woman in St Petersburg, Florida using the faces of CPR dummies, it's purpose is to give newbies practice sucking face. The CSX-pert opinion? Not a lot of kissing is going on with most of those pillows.

enter image description here

4) Year 2 for Southfield, Mi lawyer Walter Bently who sponsors a contest to give away a free divorce for the client with the best break-up story.

5) Some dude in Shanghai bummed out that his girlfriend broke up with him so he's trying to ruin Valentine's Day for everyone else by buying out every other seat in the movie theatre in his town so happy couples couldn't enjoy the movie.