1) Why was Ted Nugent at a rally in Iowa calling Detroit a cesspool? CSX listeners checking in on that this AM.

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2) Snow-rage brewing in our brains. Outside of Boston, Mass a homeowner brained the Plowman with a shovel for undoing all of his hard work carving himself out of his driveway, but why bring a shovel? In Pittsfield Township, another angry man shot at the Plowman. He cried at his arraignment yesterday for attempted murder explaining he was the real victim there.

3) Someone looked very closely at the boilerplate that comes with the Capitol One card and wondered, heck with what's in our wallets...who's at the front door. In the rules they warn customers they could use phone, e-mail, or come to your job or home to collect.

4) The chart of the longest and shortest sex by state is out! Michigan is 6th. CSX listener-logic the shorter the sexy time, the hotter the women are. Ohio's one of the shortest. EWWWW!!

5) The latest pretty vacant blonde to attempt to assume the role of real-life Barbie? Getting size 32 JJ breasts, lots of plastic face surgery and therapy to make herself stupider.

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