1) It's the End of the World as we know it!! Last weekend it was an asteroid, this weekend the Vikings predict a battle of the Gods will wipe out everyone on Earth sometime Saturday. Only two people will survive.
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2) The giant I-94 EB Pothole of Death chewed up at least a dozen cars in just the 7 O'Clock hour this morning. Witnesses say anyone who tried to brave that crossing ended up broken and beached on the shoulder.

3) Didja see the Wolf of the Sochi Dorms? Jimmy Kimmel strikes again, punking the news anchors looking for scandalous news by arranging for one of the olympic athletes to tweet a video of a wolf claiming it was outside her door in the dorms. Turns out the wolf was a trained actor and the 'dorm' was a hallway in Kimmel's studios.

4) There's an APP for fixing parking tickets called Fixer. It computes your odds and files the paperwork. If you challenge the ticket and win? You pay it 25%. BTW Detroit has $82 M in unpaid parking tickets.

5) Michigan isn't the happiest state of the union, but we're at least happier than Ohio. The happiest? Inexplicably, North then South Dakota. WTF?

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