1) Diggin' Mike Duggan's action. During the State of the City speech, Mayor Duggan suggesting he can grab some fundage from the US Transpo peeps for more busses, talking LED lights in the cit-tay, and D-Insurance for Detroiters Only whose insurance premiums sometimes cost more than the car payment.

2) A Goodrich, Michigan school teacher videotapes her Asperger afflicted 10-year old student who is stuck in his chair complete with audio of her wisecracks about him while he's in tears THEN forwards it to co-workers who sent it to the administration. She's on paid leave while they figure out what to do with her.

3) Jimmy Kimmel wore a rubber band suit loomed by little kids from all across the country.

enter image description here

4) Funnyman, stoner and softie Seth Rogan testifies before Congress about why he started a charity to raise money for Alzheimers and Dementia victims. Joking he was there because he's a huge 'House of Cards' fan.

enter image description here

5) And.....A Girl Scout in Arizona sells her cookies outside the medical marijuana dispensary. 76 boxes in 3 hours!!! Epic!! Her top sellers were: Samoas, Thin Mints and Tagalongs. Mmmmmm cookies!!!!