1) Detroit hospitals predict a bumper crop of bariatric surgeries for weight problems that will now be covered by the Affordable Health Care act better than some people's private insurance. So, Happy Fat Tuesday in advance!!!

2) Might be time to order a recall of all driver's 80 and over. Another story of the lady who put the pedal to the metal in a Vegas supermarket parking lot and plowed throught the front window then kept going. They caught up with her in the frozen food aisle. Miraculously nobody was badly injured.

3) Ellen hosting the Oscars took a celebrity selfie that she tweeted to set the 2 milllion re-tweet record, so many that it crashed twitter.

4) 12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture, Matthew Mc Conaughey-Best Actor, Cate Blanchett-Best Actress all this year's Oscar winners. Jared Leto winning Best Supporting Actor and herbal essence hair model.

and 5) Two historical discoveries this weekend. First, Hitler's Mein Kampf signed by the author with a Best Holiday Wishes to a Nazi Party Member. Auctioned off for $65 K. And they may soon release an 8MM film of JFK, RFD, and Marilyn Monroe.