1) WCSX black armband on today for William Clay Ford. The 88-year old last grandson of Henry. Sorta had his own little obsession besides being in the family business, his true love was the Detroit Lions. Bought the Lions the day JFK was assassinated in '63.
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2) Nobody's discovered what caused the disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 530.

3) Lindsay Lohan debuts in her own reality series on OWN, Oprah's network. Complaining about what a hard knock life it is being her.

4) The HBO show "True Detective" aired it's finale last night. The 10 million viewers who watched it on HBO GO crashed the site and the subscribers were left out in the cold.

5) Here's Johnny!!! Naked and in a sex tape!! TMZ teasing that the one thing we didn't know about Johnny Carson was his ummmm impressive prowess? Yeah, he had a really big racket!!
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