1)East-sider Anthony Caruso says he and his roommate got into a fight and she bit his ear off. She says it was in self-defense. The case goes to Macomb County Court Monday.

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2)Hammer time in Detroit!!! 81-year old George Bradford landed a decent claw hammer blow to the noggin of the guy who broke into his home. Says George, "He wobbled but he didn't fall down!"

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3) A Portland man and his family cowed by a cattack!!! The perp? A 22-pound himalayan who Lee Palmer says, "..won't let us out of the bathroom." He was too afraid he was gonna have to fight the cat to answer the door when the police arrived.

4)A Colorado man finds out his 2003 Pontiac isn't a good submarine when he's trapped inside it on a flooded road for two hours. Then sues the fire department for how long it took to save his life.

5)Crazy chick in jail in Maine somehow sneaks out of her maximum security cell, through three supposedly locked doors into the men's cell block so she could hook up with an inmate she'd never met except thru the jail ventilation system. Where'd you and Daddy meet, Mommy?