1) Today is 3-13....or 313 for Detroit.

enter image description here

2)Warren Mayor Jim Fouts taking a header while jogging on Tuesday. He got back up, smeared the blood out of his eyes and kept running for a mile. Beaumont says he has a brain bleed but advised Fouts to, "Rub some dirt on it." JK

3 The "Women who Rock" display opens at The Henry Ford Museaum in the middle of May. Joan Jett's jacket is there. So is Patty Smith's beat up Doc Martens with duct tape and Chrissie Hynds Fender.

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4) The 5-second rule is true! Every couple of years scientists reverse course, but now a study says if it falls on the floor, it's safe to eat!! Depending on the surface, bacteria can't contaminate faster than 5 seconds.

5) Dr Oz has declared 40 million of us are in a sexual famine. Translate: Haven't been gettin it on for at least a month. The doctor recommends sex twice a week for good health. So, what are you waitin for?