1)GM has a lot of 'splaining to do. CEO Mary Barra testifying before congress April 1st about whether they tried to hide the ignition switch problem.

2)Pothole controls in at least two cities. Warren and Taylor's Mayors declaring war on the craterizataion of their cities.

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3)New rules at Commerica for Opening Day and beyond. Metal detectors and no more cowbell!
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4)Vet's say they're seeing more stoned dogs as a side effect of Colorado and Washington's legal weed law. Down side? Your dog doesn't know when to quit eating the pot brownies.

5)Bayview, Texas PD's Tommy King was parked in a fire zone, backed into a spot, and on the curb while making a call at an apartment complex. Came out to find his squad car ticketed by a 14 year old girl. King was amused and bought the teenager off with a trip to Toys R Us.
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