Kiss: Major Vinyl Reissue Series

How does a band celebrate the 40th anniversary of its recording career? With more recordings.

Kiss  have re-issued nine of their old albums on vinyl  and also released their 1998  ‘Psycho Circus‘ on vinyl for the very first time.

Among the nine titles are the band’s self-titled debut and  ‘Hotter Than Hell’ albums (both from 1974) as well as their double-live 1975  album ‘Alive!‘ Also  1976′s ‘Destroyer,’ 1979′s ‘Dynasty,’ 1980′s ‘Unmasked,’ 1983′s ‘Lick it Up,’ 1984′s ‘Animalize’ and 1992′s ‘Revenge.’ Another 18 titles will be unleashed by mid-2014.

One thing you gotta love is the timing of this reissue campaign. These records will be out about a month before the group is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 

And get ready for...Kissteria — The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case, a vinyl box set holding 34 Kiss LPs including titles never previously issued on vinyl. The limited-edition mother lode of Kiss music boasts 19 studio albums, all five Alive releases, the four original Kiss solo albums and six exclusive vinyl discs that will not be sold individually. Among the extras are 11 posters (including the band's first promo poster), a Kiss vinyl cleaning cloth, a Kiss turntable mat, Kiss dominos and four band lithographs.

Boy, it’s almost like they knew it was gonna happen…