Let's Just Rock...

Paul Stanley published his memoir on Tuesday, and while his goal is to have Face the Music: A Life Exposed

be inspirational and not just another rock star tell-all, it's the dirt he dished on his bandmates that is making the news. He writes about his love-hate relationship with Gene Simmons and the struggles to keep KISS going while Gene was off doing other things, but he also calls former members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss anti-Semitic.

Both Peter and Ace deny this with Ace saying, "My fiance is Jewish. How can I be anti-Semitic? Is he out of his mind? ... It's ridiculous. I think he's trying to sell his book and it's a pretty sad commentary if he has to resort to verbal slurs and innuendo."

Stanley, is the last member of the original KISS line-up to write his memoir..

Meanwhile, Paul Stanley is still speaking out against the Hall who decided that only the original line-up is being recognized. "I'm playing the game only because there are still some fans who see it as validation and vindication. These people have fought for us for decades... I'm celebrating 40 years..."

Just shut up and Rock...