47 years ago . . . In 1967, in Game 5 of the Eastern Division championships, the Philadelphia 76ers, led by WILT CHAMBERLAIN, ended the Boston Celtics' EIGHT-YEAR run of consecutive NBA titles, beating them, 125-to-122.


 46 years ago . . . In 1968, the Beatles-owned Apple Records refused to sign DAVID BOWIE.


44 years ago . . . In 1970, GRACE SLICK of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE was invited by TRICIA NIXON to have tea at the White House. Grace said she'd go . . . just so she could lace TRICKY DICK NIXON'S tea with the LSD . . . but she pulled out at the last minute when her escort, ABBIE HOFFMAN, wasn't allowed on the White House grounds.


40 years ago . . . In 1974, DAVID BOWIE'S"Diamond Dogs" LP came out in stores with a CENSORED COVER.  The original one featured Bowie as a dog, with hung genitalia displayed.