Remember Tiffany Eaton? The teacher at Pershing High School who got fired for breaking up a fight? Fox 2's Maurielle Lue reports that the teacher's principal is coming to her defense and says she should have never been fired from the Detroit high school. He's asking the state's Education Achievement Authority, which oversees the school, to reverse its decision to terminate her.

In an open letter to "the education community" that's posted on Fox 2's website, Principal Gregory King writes:

I feel I have a duty to clarify a few important facts that have been distorted in the public record. First, Ms. Eaton should never have been fired. Period. I am asking EAA administration to reverse path. Our teachers at Pershing high and at all other schools are called upon to do the impossible every day: counselor, security guard, teacher, and more. They are asked to do so without adequate resources to guarantee even basic bodily safety. Media reports have falsely alleged that I recommended Ms. Eaton's termination. That is not true. EAA central administration has had an opportunity to report the truth and correct the misinformation. They have not done so.

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