His and her bathrooms? That's NOTHING. This couple here in Detroit have his and her houses...NO REALLY!

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(from FOX2) You've heard of his and hers closets, but what about his and hers houses? A Detroit couple says the secret to their relationship is not having to share.

Albert Bernal and Betty Lou Shortt are a team.

They have been going together for a good while now and this couple claims what keeps them together - is staying apart.

"The good part about it is that we get along so good. I mean, so good," says Bernal.

Shortt had her house then he bought his.

These two well-manicured masterpieces are a mirror image of the other, except Albert's has a man cave and a beer fridge.

"I was thinking of building a tunnel underneath the driveway here to get from my house to hers," he says.