Five Things You Should Know with Trudi Daniels

Sorry everyone no video today..

1) Today marks the 20th anniversary for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman..Now today 60 Percent of the nation thinks O.J. did it.

2) There is a man in New York who lost his fiance because he could not control his arcade obsession...Turning his whole apartment into a vintage arcade.
enter image description here

3) A man from Arizona was arrested for trying to shoot the moon.. The mans wife said he was drunk and just started shooting.Maybe the man on the moon got him mad...

4) Radio icon Casey Kasem's life support has been stopped..At least he gets to hear himself one more time as they are playing American Top 40 for him.

5) He is out of rehab and ready to hit broadway..well Canada's broadway..Rob Ford announced they will start holding casting calls for the new Rob Ford musical called "The Birth of Ford Nation"