enter image description hereO.J. Simpson-After being acquitted Simpson was in and out of jail cells for multiple felonies. Now he serving a sentence in Nevada.

enter image description hereJohnnie Cochran– After leading the defense for O.J. Cochran died in 2005 from a brain tumor.

enter image description hereRobert kardashian– One time friends of Simpson also part of his defense team died in 2003 from esophageal cancer.

enter image description hereRobert shapiro– Also a part of the defense team for Simpson, Shapiro is now the spokesman for Legal Zoom a company he co-founded

enter image description hereChris Darden– Darden was part of the prosecution team in the Simpson case, he now runs his own private practice in LA.

enter image description hereMarcia Clark– Clark was the lead prosecutor in the Simpson case, since she has written multiple books and contributes columns in the Daily Beast.

enter image description hereA.C. Cowling– A close friend to O.J. Cowling is know for helping Simpson flee while driving the famous Bronco. Cowling still visits O.J. in prison.

enter image description hereKato Kaelin– Friend and house guest of Simpson, Kato was a key witness in the case. Since then he has bounced around between gigs and now has plans for a clothing line.

enter image description hereFred Goldman-Father of Ron Goldman, now lives in Arizona never mentioning the name of his sons killer.

enter image description hereKim Goldman– Sister of Ron Goldman. Kim has spent the time since the murders writing books and traveling the country being an advocate for victims’ rights.