Have you ever broken up with someone and had them do something CRAZY? It might not be because you're wonderful, although you could take it that way . . . it's because getting dumped messes with people's heads.

What's the craziest thing an ex did after you dumped them? Here are five of the best answers we've heard . . .

  1. "An ex-girlfriend signed me up for a paid membership in the Ku Klux Klan. That never goes away."

  2. "She pooped on my porch every day for an entire week after we broke up. Every day I found a new load out there. I had to get the cops involved to get it to stop."

  3. "We had a really bad break up. Afterward he went out and got my name tattooed on him, then showed up at my house to show me the tattoo to try to get me back. I slammed the door in his face."

  4. "She called my boss 40 times in a row to tell him I was a bad person who was crazy and unreliable to try to get him to fire me. When I changed jobs later on, she did it with that boss too."

  5. "My mom is a hairdresser. My ex went to see her daily, getting her hair cut shorter each time, just so she could ask about me and ask if my mom would help get us back together."