Chad Smith Comes Home To Help Out Birmingham Museum

I received a call back in March from a member of the Birmingham Historical Museum asking for my help with an upcoming art exhibit.  My help?  They must have the wrong guy.  What could I possibly do to help a museum?  The Board Member, Leslie Pielack, told me the museum was dedicating an entire year to Birmingham’s contribution to Rock & Roll. 

Naturally, I agreed to help.  Leslie mentioned some of the items they had secured and my jaw hit the floor. 

Chad Smith’s (Red Hot Chili Peppers) drum kit, red jumpsuit, sticks, photos and more.

An incredible Creem Magazine exhibit including the original desk and typewriter.  Not to mention many of the original magazines and their iconic covers.  Boy Howdy!

Rare Bob Seger photos

Radio bumper stickers and t-shirts

I highly recommend you find some time and check it out.