35 Years Ago: Queen Releases ‘Live Killers’

Queen had long been known for its oversized stadium rock shows 

a reputation that opened the door for a double-platinum triumph via the June 22, 1979 release of their double-LP opus, ‘Live Killers.’ The only surprise was that it took so long — nearly a decade and seven full studio albums in — for the British pomp rockers to issue this kind of official document.

Live Killers’ was everything a Queen fan could ask for, the perfect memento from their  classic-era concerts — whether you got to see them in the flesh back then or not. Sadly, though they’ve since issued six more concert sets, none has focused on Queen’s remarkable stadium runs through the ’70s. — and it was recorded not on tour but in a radio studio. That makes ‘Live Killers’ essential listening in any age.