45 Years Ago: The Jeff Beck Group Release ‘Beck-Ola’

The original Jeff Beck Group were a force of nature, plain and simple.

All the players fit together perfectly, in a musical sense, and the sound and vibe they created was thrilling. Their second album, ‘Beck-Ola,’ was released in June 1969.
For ‘Beck-Ola,’ Beck stayed with the template set by ‘Truth.’ Side One kicks off with a raw and rocking take on the classic ‘All Shook Up.’ As he did with the Yardbirds’ gem ‘Shapes Of Things’ on ‘Truth,’ he reworks the Presley tune here, taking it from a simple, bouncy little rocker and transforming it into a growling, blusey stomper. Rod Stewart proves that he was one of the finest white blues singers ever, delivering more than a mountain of soul here
Still one of my favorites ...