Let The Blogging Begin!

One recent early morning I had a nice long drive to my destination and popped in the new CD from my friend Arlen, of Salem Witchcraft. As I was listening, I realized, there is so much great music to explore that I decided I needed to continue to share my insights on the music like I did on the Over Easy show.  However, because of all the changes in the radio business these days, this will be the best place to share these gems. You will get my insights here on the Over Easy blog. I’ve always heard how the Over Easy show has helped listeners find new music and artists and expand their CD collection.  Your CD shelf may get a little heavier, or your player more full now, so here we go.  In this blog you will find out about new releases, particularly from the local scene, and my thoughts on them. I will also delve back into some past gems that still “float my boat”. On a side note, in the back of my mind I thought what if people don’t want my opinion of the music?  Then I thought, well...maybe they’ll just do what I do with the opinion pages...don’t read them.  So if you do want to know, visit this blog often.  You never know what new gem we’ll discover together. 

If you would like your CD to be considered for this blog, email me at [email protected] for all the details.  

The first review coming up will be Arlen’s new CD That’s Right.  Stay tuned...