Hero Michigan Cop Pulls Over Choking Woman. SAVES Her Life! Awesome!! Dash Cam Video!

Last month, there was a story about a guy in Maine who got pulled over, had a heart attack, and the cop saved his life. Now we've got another one.

On Saturday, a cop in Kalamazoo, Michigan named Jason Gates pulled a woman over for running a red light. And when he got to her car, he realized she was CHOKING.

Jason says at first he thought she was just trying to get out of a ticket. But then he realized she really WAS choking on something. So he got her out of the car, gave her the Heimlich . . . and saved her LIFE.

Once that was over, she immediately started crying and hugged him. And his dash-cam got it all on video. By the way, she DIDN'T end up getting a ticket. But Jason says he was only planning to give her a warning in the first place.