After the show, a birthday party for Keith was held at the Holiday Inn on Bristol Road near Bishop Airport. Decca Records made the arrangements for the party at the inn's largest conference room which included a huge birthday cake, provided by Premier Drums, with a half-naked young woman popping out of the cake. The bar was open and everyone got intoxicated. A food fight developed involving pieces of the cake.

At this point, there are many interpretations of what happened at the Holiday Inn. The inn's manager complained about the noise. Fire extinguishers were set off with the foam sprayed on guests' cars ruining the car finishes. A piano was reduced to kindling. Keith broke a tooth when he tripped on a piece of cake while trying to run away from a sheriff's deputy. The carpeting needed replacing.

What the stories about the event do not agree on is whether or not Keith drove a luxury car into the Holiday Inn pool. Author Tony Fletcher, in his biography of Keith Moon, debunks the myth that Keith drove a Rolls-Royce into the pool. No one in Flint would believe that claim anyway. This writer was convinced that it was a Lincoln Continental as Keith himself stated. Peter C. Cavanaugh wrote that it was a Cadillac. Whatever the case, the total bill, including damages incurred was $24,000. It was rumored that Decca Records purchased the damp Cadillac from its irate owner.

Depending on which story you believe, either Genesee County Sheriff Thomas Bell or one of Herman's Hermits sent Keith to a local dentist who had to be awakened to repair his tooth before Keith was sent to the county jail to spend the night. The story goes that Keith was so drunk that no novocaine was needed. A charter plane had to be brought in to take Keith to the next tour stop in Philadelphia. While taking him to the plane, Sheriff Bell told Keith "Son, don't ever dock in Flint, Michigan, again." It was boasted that the group was banned from all Holiday Inns world wide. The ban against The Who was ceremonious lifted by Holiday Inn during a 1999 VH-1 special about Keith Moon's 21st birthday party.