"What I miss most" memories posted Wednesday atop Thrillist's Detroit page include those food destinations, Eastern Market, John K. King Books, Bell's Brewery and people who are "really invested in the city."

The list by Ann Arbor writer Jeff Waraniak, an associate editor at Hour Detroit and 2013 University of Michigan graduate, has a statewide scope. Detroit items are mainly from a Facebook solicitation three weeks ago by Nicole Rupersburg, who left the city for Las Vegas last January and who asked other ex-pats for suggestions. Here are some of those posts:

• Urban pride: I miss pride in my city. Detroiters have so much pride for Detroit. No one has pride for LA. Most people hate it or just complain about it all the time. No one is really invested in the city, at least not like they are in Detroit. -- Amy Rudd, senior producer at Los Angeles digital marketing agency

• "Decent corned beef:" I miss the Eastern Market -- the sights, sounds and smells! I REALLY miss decent corned beef! -- Jenn Bourgeault, Traverse City

• Shawarma and gyros: There is no shwarma here in Minnesota, and the fact that Detroit has attracted so many different immigrant populations over the years has given it more variety than we realized. . . . I do miss the fact that you could get a gyro and lemon rice soup at ANY diner in the metro region.-- Hannah Pritchard, Minneapolis engineer

• "Best bookstore:" I miss John K. King Books, which I'm pretty sure is the best bookstore on the planet. -- John Carlos Cruz, Montreal

• Yasmeen Bakery: The Arabic pita bread is not the same in LA. I have yet to see pita bread like the stuff from Yasmeen Bakery [of Dearborn] that can be found everywhere in Detroit. -- Alicia Butler, Los Angeles

• Ethnic deli items: The fact that almost every grocery store deli has freshly prepared hummus and grape leaves and garlic dip and such. People in Illinois have no idea what hummus is actually supposed to taste like. -- Jessica Oakes, Batavia, Ill.

• Good drivers: I miss live blues bands, Detroit drivers (they know how to drive, unlike the idiots in Vegas), bars that aren't sports bars, ethnic diversity, going "Up North" for the weekend, Bell's beer. -- Jenna Dosch, Las Vegas

• Trinity of eateries: PizzaPapalis, El Charro and BD's Mongolian BBQ. -- Sara Gorgon, Las Vegas

• Bucharest shawarma: Slows, Bucharest schawarma, Holiday Market's beer selection, and pretty much the melting pot that is Detroit. -- Todd Parker, Fairfax, Va

• "Diversity and grit:" Moved to Phoenix this summer, Really miss the diversity and grit of Detroit, and working at the Green Garage Detroit and my pals there, and Eastern Market. -- Eric Brown, Arizona marketing executive

• Steam rising on Woodward: I miss smoky/misty manholes. Always made me feel like I was Batman driving down Woodward. -- Emily Reyes, Henderson, Nev.

• Easy navigation: I miss always knowing where I'm going. Roads in Jersey twist and turn all over the damn place. Give me my grids and mile roads back! -- Kevin Wojtaszek, Budd Lake, NJ Jersey

• Four-week Halloween: I miss how Detroit celebrates Halloween for an entire month. -- Megan F., Mexico