PHOTOS: This Fish With Human Teeth Will FREAK YOU OUT!

If you have nightmares easily, don't open this! 

This will be the creepiest thing you'll see in a while, I promise.

A fish that's native to the South American region called the Pacu Fish somehow ended up in Michigan waters late July according to The Detroit Free Press, and recently went viral because of how horrifying it's teeth are. To be perfectly plain, it's teeth are like sharp human teeth. And looking at that on a fish is something you'd expect to see on American Horror Story rather than an actual news report.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources believes that someone caught them and was unable to care for them anymore, and they were dumped. It's not considered an invasive fish because they don't typically end up in the area, but they collected what fish were caught. They also don't typically eat humans, which might make you feel better. DFP shares that the teeth break down seeds and nuts, rather than flesh, characteristically.

Luckily, we reached out to the DNR and got access to these freaky photos that they took this Friday of a fish caught in July. They thawed it out just to take the snaps, so if you're into that sort of thing, click through the gruesome gallery, and try not to scream at your desk at work.


Feelings on this? Here's ours.

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