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Counting On Tax Money? You Need To Prepare Yourself...

The IRS notes that your tax refund might be late this year. 

We've heard it in commercials and heard it in blogs, but one thing is for certain: apparently the Internal Revenue Service is going to be a little behind on our taxes this season.

Penny Hoarder shares that even though tax filing season begins on the 23 of January, you might be able to get your refund by the beginning of February UNLESS you're getting the earned income credit or additional child tax credit.

The site notes that there is a new law that is "designed to protect taxpayers from fraud and identity theft," and that will push back your refund until the week of February 27.

Penny Hoarder notes that this delay is "expected to impact around 40 million low-income families across the country."

A few companies like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt are going to be offering advances for your tax returns as a loan, but in the case of finances, you should always try not to spend money you don't already have in hand.


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