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WCSX Classic Cuts : One of These Nights

WCSX Classic Cuts

The Eagles: "One of These Nights"

The Hook: Guitarist Bernie Leadon credits producer Bill Szymczyk [pr: SIHM-zick] with recording the band in a more contemporary R&B style.

Album: One of These Nights

Year: 1975

Writers: Don Henley and Glenn Frey

Stats: Topped the Billboard Hot 100.

The Eagles' fourth album, One of These Nights, marked a shift toward a different kind of sound for the group. Guitarist Bernie Leadon says a lot of the credit for that change -- which can be heard in the title track and first single -- goes to the producer.

Eagles guitarist Bernie Leadon on “One of These Nights.” OC:…and stuff. :18

“Bill Szymczyk, his background was in R-&-B, I think that might have been a factor. It certainly was a factor in how the sound changed to be a little more like contemporary R-&-B records than Glyn Johns’s more open studio sound. And the ‘One of These Nights’ song was more of an arranged sound than it had been earlier on – little ‘chink’ parts and stuff.”

The Egles One Of These Nights

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