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WCSX Classic Cuts : The Spirit of Radio

WCSX Classic Cuts

Rush: "The Spirit of Radio"

The Hook: Alex Lifeson thinks some people didn't really get what the song's lyrics were saying.

Album: Permanent Waves


Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart

Stats: Peaked at number-51 on the Billboard Hot 100. A 1998 live version reached number-27 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Background: "The Spirit of Radio" helped turn Permanent Waves into Rush's first Top Five album in the U.S. Guitarist Alex Lifeson finds it ironic that it may have been because people misinterpreted the song's message.

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson on “Spirit of the Radio.” OC:…of way. :29

“It’s funny, we got so much airplay behind ‘Sprit of the Radio,’ because people thought it was a song about how great radio was and they never really listened to the lyrics and saw how it was a song about how great radio used to be. It was really a song lamenting the fact that we thought radio was losing its originality. In spite of that, because, I guess, it had radio in its title, they just took it at face value and the song got a tremendous amount of airplay and really helped us out a lot in a backwards sort of way.”

Rush- Spirit Of The Radio

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