My First Listen..Paul McCartneys Flowers in the Dirt Reissue

Paul McCartney - Flowers In The Dirt (official Trailer 2017)

Paul McCartney - Flowers In The Dirt remastered: Jetzt bestellen: Die langersehnte zehnte Veröffentlichung der Paul McCartney Archive Collection erscheint morgen, am 24.3.2017. Wie schon die vergangenen Teile der Paul McCartney Archive Collection entstand auch Flowers In The Dirt unter dem aufmerksamen Blick von Paul McCartney.


In 1986 Paul released the solo album Press to Play...that LP turned out to be a such a musical disaster for McCartney that Paul almost immediately in 1997 started to work on His next album and enlisted the help of Elvis Costello. In my opinion Paul wanted to get that writing style back that he had enjoyed during the early days with John and The Beatles.. and it really paid off. 3 of the songs charted in the top ten and the lead single written by Elvis Costello went all the way to #2. It was the first time that Paul had a lead single from his solo work come out that he did not write. While all the songs that Paul and Elvis worked on did not make the original album with the reissue we now get all off the body of work the way it was intended with demos and bonus tracks now represented. With Flowers In The Dirt Paul also showed us something that we had not seen from Him on other previous projects a real maturity to his writing and music and most importantly an openness about Himself that no other solo albums had provided. Songs about His Father, about His Wife Linda, and about Himself. The Flowers LP comes in both CD form and Vinyl and the deluxe issue has more songs and memorabilia from the sessions then any previous reissue releases including personal letters Elvis had written to Paul before the recording had started. It you heard the album the first time it came out in 1988 you haven't really heard it at all. This is one of those rare opportunities to see and hear two true masters at work and the musical journey is well worth it.